Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rape is NEVER Funny, so should they be made into jokes?

Let me just take this moment to say ...Wow!!!!!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture/discussion about rape jokes. It was very interesting to see a different perspective because in our society we typically see and focus on women getting raped than men and I think this was a great way to shed some light on the fact that men get rapped too and it is just as traumatizing experience as it is for women.

I think is particularly psychologically tormenting for those men who were raped because not only do they live in a society that where it is believed it is only women who really get raped and men who do get raped rarely come out and admit to it because they fear they will be laughed at, viewed as weak or feminine, or not believed, but there are jokes out there about these rapes in all forms of media (television, radio, newspaper, Internet) that constantly remind them of that terrible event. As a society, we need to realize that although rape jokes can be funny and are not , for the most part, intended to hurt those who have been raped, they still do hurt the rape victim and bring back terrible flashbacks.

Two wrongs don't make a right is all I can think about when the movie who stars Rosario Dawson was mentioned in the lecture. In the movie, the main character, who is a female, was raped by a male and retaliates against the man who raped her by getting one of her male friends to rape him . The message may be that women who have been raped should do everything in their power to fight back but I feel as though the set up of the movie is basically saying its perfectly okay to rape someone to get back at them. Where do we draw the line? When is rape okay? Rape is never okay and I am not saying that if a victim is raped that the perpetrator should not be punished. What I am saying is that if the assailant was raped, then we are basically telling him or her that it is okay to go back and rape the victim again. The other French movie about rape (the name also escapes my mind) should be viewed by all those people who casually make rape jokes because they will get a vivid and graphic glimpse of what it really feels and looks like to be raped . When someone one is raped, those nightmarish memories are forever etched in their brain and any joke or movement can quickly trigger a panic attack. Finally, I really want to watch both of these movies to get a better sense of what went on in them.

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